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Ensuring Our Students' Safety in the Digital World
As we encourage students to bring their own devices to school, we find that it is our responsibility to equip students with the skills necessary to become responsible digital citizens. Our goal is to create a school culture of students that are able to behave safely and participate responsibly on the internet or when using technology. While students use the power of the internet and mobile technology to explore, connect and learn, they are also prone to online issues such as cyberbullying, inappropriate internet content and encounters. It is our vision to empower teachers, students and parents with the importance of digital citizenship not only on campus, but also at home.
AISJ has partnered with Common Sense Media to provide resources, tips, and videos to help parents and teachers keep our students safe in the digital world. Check our Family Tips section below to view and download helpful information on how to protect your children from the internet and technology dangers.
Digital Citizenship Vision Statement
We at American International School of Jeddah work with our students to ensure that they are able to navigate the digital world in a safe and ethical manner. It is the vision of AISJ to support students, families and staff in developing digital citizenship qualities which foster independence and personal responsibility in the digital world. We aim to achieve this vision by providing a quality digital citizenship education across all grades and to all stakeholders starting with elementary division. Every student at American International School of Jeddah will become a responsible digital citizen who understands how to safeguard their personal information, how to act responsibly when using the internet or social media and how to use technology appropriately.
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