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Our Elementary School library and instructional classes are supervised and led by a certified librarian and librarian assistant. There are two separate physical spaces available for instruction, one for Pre-K and Kindergarten and the other for our Grade 1-5 classes.

Each elementary class visits our library roughly once each week for a 45-minute instructional class. Library classes are meant to be fun and inviting in order to promote and encourage students to have a passion for reading. Instructional classes teach children to:

Locate books in the 5 “neighborhoods": (Fiction Chapter, Easy Picture, Biography, Nonfiction, Fairy Tales) Check in, check out and renew books Understandand compare the different genres and types of books Use indexes, table of contents, glossaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, Boolean logic/search terms on internet search engines, online public access catalog Destiny to search for books and websites, e-books/MyOn and more. Citing works properly using Modern Language Association (MLA) standards Evaluating the substance and credibility of websites Understand the differences between cause and effect, problem and solutions, similes and metaphors, sequences and chronological order, literal and figurative language, facts and opinions and main and supporting ideas.

We also have general “story time” and “read-aloud” sessions where students learn and have the opportunity to have discussions about famous landmarks, cities and people from around the world and historical events.

On average, we circulate approximately 15,000 books to our students! Students and classes can come for additional time via extra lessons (research, choosing books, information literacy) to find books and resources.We have a computer lab for our Elementary students to conduct research on our CultureGrams and myOn databases, as well as to have access to the internet.


For passwords and usernames email Mr. Peters


Pierre De Levay



Eleena Billeh

Librarian Assistant

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