Fine & Performing Arts at AISJ Music

Music is an integral part of a holistic education as it engages multiple areas of the brain including the sensory system, cognitive system, and develops both fine and gross motor skills. The focus of the Music Program at AISJ is to give students a creative outlet and expands cultural awareness by helping students understand themselves and the world around them.

Lower Elementary (Pre-K through Grade 1)

Learners at this early age are introduced to music through singing, playing instruments, speaking, moving and listening. During each session, learners are engaged in all of these activities and more, participating individually, in small groups and as a whole group. Learners are also introduced to basic music notation, musical concepts such as tempo and pitch, music history and study of instrumental and vocal music. As music is a performing art, learners will participate in several performances, including formal on-stage performances, in-class performances and audio and video recordings.

Upper Elementary (Grade 2-5)

The focus in the Upper Elementary Music program is to help students become more aware of musical elements including pulse, rhythm, pitch, volume and speed. We do this primarily through incorporating activities and musical games to support multi-sensory learning in tune, inner hearing and ultimately reading and writing music.

As a fundamental tool for achieving musical literacy, we believe in the effectiveness of singing using solfege and the Curwen hand symbols. Taught in this way, classroom music will build children's motivation, enthusiasm and confidence, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment.By the end up upper elementary, students should be able to play one or two different types of instruments, read music notation and have a preliminary understanding of famous composers and music eras.

Middle & High School

With a solid understanding of the foundational components of music learned in Elementary, Secondary school students are encouraged to explore the areas of music, or other fine arts program,they would like to learn more about through course electives – two in Middle School and up to three in High School. The music electives offered through the overarching Fine Arts program are:

Middle School Electives:

Beginning Band Advanced Band Beginning Strings Advanced Strings Beginning Choir Select Choir

High School Electives:

Beginning Band Symphonic Band Advanced Strings Beginning Choir Select Choir

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