The 2nd Annual AISJ Science Fair

Eighty-three presenters participated in the annual AISJ Science Fair on March 8th in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Life Science.  25 judges spoke with and assessed the projects selecting 9 finalists which were then interrogated again. The top three projects were thus selected. The Science Department selected three additional projects based on technical expertise, application to real world, and most innovative. The winners and their research topics for the 2016/2017 Science Fair were as follows:
First Place: Justin Rbeiz 
"How does adding salt to water affect the amount of water that can be absorbed by a polymer in a set amount of time?
Second Place: Skyler Markham
"Increasing Rose Survival Time"
Third Place: Saleh Abubaker
"Effects of age on the ability of a person to identify optical illusions"
Most Technical: Ahmad Al Ghareeb
"How does temperature affect the force of a magnets magnetic field?"
Most Applicable: Indodeq Mohamed
"How does the components and amount in cold packs affect the speed it take for the reaction to occur and the amount that the temperature drops from the original?"
Most Innovative: Abdulaziz Albanawi
"How Electricity Produced is Affected by the Temperature Used"

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