Molly from Grade 4D Nominated as PenPal of the Week!

Some of the Grade 4 classes have participated in a global community through the PenPals Schools program.  This program allows students to work with students around the world on different projects.  Molly from Grade 4D, Ms. Cresta Barash's class, was recently picked as the PenPal of the week.  Great work Molly!  See the article they posted on their website here.

Here are some excerpts from what others say about the program:

"The kids LOVE it! They love the ability to move the screen and see the other side of the world. I love that they are learning independently, even if they do not realize it. They are learning from technology and also their own curiosity is fueling more research!” -Summer Smith, teacher from Mississippi, USA

"Pen Pal Schools give us the freedom to learn about different cultures and give us the magnificent experience to step outside our comfort zone and learn about other people and countries." -Lauren, PenPal from Illinois, USA

"What I love most about Pen Pal Schools is the diversity it creates within us. I feel connected to the world." -Madalyn, PenPal from Illinois, USA

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