PK4 Visits the New Campus Site!

PK 4 Teacher Chrysoula Stampoulidou shares her class' experience at the new school's construction site!
Despite the weather, the students enjoyed their experience at the construction site. Mr. Ahmed Sweidan had prepared everything for our little ones exactly as we had agreed, and he stayed with us for the whole time. 
The trip started with a bus tour around the site. Then, some construction workers showed us how they mix dirt, cement, sand, and water to make concrete and how they use it to build. After that, our little ones used trowels and tried to lay concrete on a wall. At the end, we observed real trucks and had the chance to ride one of them. Before we left the site, they offered us juice and doughnuts.
I attach here 2 newsletters that I sent the parents with all the information about the trip, the way we worked to build our city, our fairy houses, and our proposals for the centers layout of the new PK4 classrooms. All the bold letters are hyperlinks to our photo gallery where the parents can see more pictures. 

April Newsletter
May Newsletter

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