AISJ MUN Conference a Success!

AISJMUN completed its second annual MUN Conference on April 2017.  AISJMUN II brought BISJ, JKIS both girls and boys, and Yanbu to participate in a unified MUN Conference. The Conference had its unique and memorable moments from hilarious puns, hitting chairs, and delegates shouting across the room. The aurora set by AISJMUN II lit the way for the unity of many various MUN Programs such as BISMUN, JKIS MUN, and many others. This could not have been completed without the help of the skillful Secretariats, generous donors, and supportive advisors and teachers. 

We look forward to a new SAIKAC MUN event in 2018, and its own unique moments. We hope our community will join us once again in pushing a progressive MUN agenda, and one that will stand in the schools history.

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