2nd Grade STEM Challenge

Mr. Lee gave his class of 2nd graders a challenge. They had 20 straws, 14 inches of tape and 20 minutes to build a structure that would support a small pumpkin.
The students worked in groups of 3 and brainstormed the type of structure they wanted to build. “We thought that if we built it in a circle that it would hold the pumpkin because  [the pumpkin] is a circle,” one student explained.
In the end, only one group built a structure that supported the pumpkin. When Mr. Lee placed the pumpkin on top of their straw structure, the students lit up when they realized their pumpkin was sitting securely on top of the straws.

“We tested ours with Playdoh so we knew it would hold the pumpkin,” said a student from the group that built the successful structure.
This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) inspired project was a hit With Mr. Lee’s second graders. “I love when our class does projects like this,” one student exclaimed!
Mr. Lee gives his students STEM challenges to complete as often as he can. “It allows them to take what we are learning inside the classroom and apply it to different scenarios. STEM activities provide hands-on and minds-on lessons for the students,” Mr. Lee said.

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