AISJ MUN Conference

On Thursday, November 23, the SAIKAC Model of United Nations (MUN) Conference began on the AISJ campus and was held for three days, lasting throughout the weekend. The conference was a prestigious and formal conference, each attendee selected from their representative schools. The conference was held in different classrooms of the HS building, each room containing different sections or committees.

On the first day of the conference, attendees were ushered into the gym where the opening ceremony was held from 2 to 3 p.m. The president of the MUN Club, Zakria Abu, opened the conference with his speech, followed by the teacher advisor for the MUN Club, Mr. Wilson. His speech contained encouraging words and information on the agenda, adding that this was his last MUN Conference in Jeddah. Among the speeches, the one that drew the most attention was the speech by the honorable US Consul General, Matthias Mitman, who reminded delegates to focus on reaching the best resolution for all parties involved, instead of focusing only on one. The opening ceremony was followed by a thirty minute session of socializing, in which different delegates were given time to get acquainted with others and enjoy snacks before the conference began. The first day of the conference mainly revolved around the delegates collaborating and creating resolutions for the topics they were assigned, each working together to establish a strong resolution that would be reviewed and checked by others.

On the second day of the conference, arguments and debates sparked in different rooms, some delegates going to different heights to defend their resolution and the interests of the country they represented. The bulk of the second day of the conference was debating and reviewing the clauses of each resolution, a necessary step in order for negotiation to be reached on the their day. On the last day of the conference, a resolution was reached in each committee, leaving time for delegates to further get to know each other and relax after the heavy task was done.

For the MUN Conference to be successful, there were Chairs and Admins needed to supervise and troubleshoot technical difficulties. In the Conference, Chairs were attendees acting as referees for the debate; they took the neutral side and helped ensure a peaceful and diplomatic atmosphere during the debates. The admins were attendees whose job was to troubleshoot any technicial difficulties in different rooms.

Though the Conference faced some small obstacles, the Admins and Officers of the AISJ MUN team were able to resolve the problems and help made the Conference run smoothly and on time. We would like to congratulate the AISJ MUN attendees for their successful Conference, and wish them luck on the THIMUN Conference.


Article Written by AISJ Student Jasmin Akbar
Pictures by AISJ Student Farah Hermano

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