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Grade 5 Fly Up Day!

Date: 07-06-2017

The "Grade 5 Fly Up day' in the Middle school was on May 24, 2017.

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STEAM Regatta Boat Race

Date: 05-06-2017

The STEAM students finished off their year with a Regatta Boat Race at the Raytheon pool.

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AISJ MUN Conference a Success!

Date: 24-05-2017

AISJMUN completed its second annual MUN Conference on April 2017...

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Volume 3 of Middle School Newsletter

Date: 17-05-2017

The Middle School "newsletter" that features the thoughts, opinions and expressions..

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Ali Sedky Memorial Library HS Patron of the Year

Date: 10-05-2017

Congratulations to freshman Ibraheem Rasool...

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PK4 Visits the New Campus Site!

Date: 08-05-2017

PK 4 Teacher Chrysoula Stampoulidou shares her class' experience at the new school's construction site!

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A Letter From the Coach of U-14 Football

Date: 07-05-2017

Coach Khaled thanks his U-14 football team...

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AISJ New Campus Under Construction!

Date: 12-04-2017

A new state-of-the-art campus for Grades Pre-Kg 3 until Grade 12 is under construction...

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Molly from Grade 4D Nominated as PenPal of the Week!

Date: 11-04-2017

Some of the Grade 4 classes have participated in a global community through the PenPals Schools program...

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STEAM on Bending Water!

Date: 11-04-2017

Over 50 students from our four STEAM classes submitted their Vlogs on Bending Water...

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