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Elementary School Building (“Main Building”)

Our Elementary School Building, what we consider our ‘main’ building, consists of a little more than 40 classrooms to meet the needs of our Pre-K through Grade 4 students. It is located directly in front of the main gate. In addition to classrooms, the Main Building contains the:

School Library Multi-Media Rooms Music/Choir Rooms Large Gymnasium (with a performance stage)

To accommodate our growth, our Grade 5 classrooms have been moved to a newly constructed building for our High School Administrative offices right next to the school cafeteria.

Middle School Building

Our Middle School Building is also a newly-constructed building and located next to the Main Soccer Field by the front gate. It consists of 26 instructional classrooms to meet all the needs of our Grade 6-Grade 8 students. Included in this are a Computer Lab and an Art Studio.

High School Buildings

Our High School consists of three separate buildings, the Main High School Building and the Kirby Building. The Main High School Building is located directly behind the Elementary School Building (Main Building) and provides English and Science instructional classrooms for our Grade 9-12 students.

The second High School building, named the “700” building, located behind the Main High School Building, has three fully-equipped classrooms for Art, Computer Science and Health instruction.

The third High School building, located directly behind the School Cafeteria, is called the “Kirby” Building and consists of 13 Social Studies, Math, and Arabic instructional classrooms.

2 Gymnasiums

Our campus has two gymnasiums in order to meet the needs of our student body. The Main gym, mostly used by our Grade 6-12 students, is located in the Elementary School building and is fully-equipped with the following:

Performance Stage Basketball Court Volleyball Court Spectator Bleachers

Our second gymnasium, aptly named the “Mini Gym”, is located on the right side of the Elementary School Building and is equipped with a Basketball Court and sporting supplies for low-organizational games specifically designed for our Elementary School Students.


The School Library is located on the ground floor of the Elementary School Building. It is separated into two parts to better serve the needs of our students; one side is for Elementary and the other side is for both Middle and High School. Each area has a computer lab and areas for instruction. Combined the School Library houses over 21,000 books.

Computer Labs

In total, there are seven fully-equipped computer labs on campus; four in the Elementary School, one in the Middle School and two in the High School.

Art Studio

There are three art studios on campus. Each school has its own art studio fully-supplied with all the art resources required by each departments curriculum.

Music Rooms

All of our music rooms are all located in the Elementary School building. There is a general music room used by Grades 1-5, a Band/Strings room for Grades 6-12 and a Choir room also for Grades 6-12.

Drama Room

In addition to our performance stage in the Main Gym, there is also a Drama Room in the newly-constructed High School Administration building where our Drama students practice. The Drama room is fully-equipped with:

A Big Screen Small stage/curtain Stunt Mats Stage props and Set Pieces Costumes and Professional Make-up

Engineering & Mechanics Lab (aka “The Garage”)

For our Automotive Engineering Principles course and Car Restoration Club, we have built a new Engineering & Mechanics Lab which is located in the newly-constructed High School Administration building. This room comes equipped with specialty engine-rebuilding tools, engine spans, a 4-ton car hoist and a hydraulic engine hoist.

Soccer & Playing Fields

There are two fields on our campus, one, a professional soccer field, is located by the front gate of our school and the other, a playing field, is located behind the Elementary School building.

Shaded Playgrounds

There are two shaded playgrounds with various playground equipment that allow for exciting and engaging recess activities for our Elementary School students. One is located next to the Pre-K Classrooms and is intended for our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, the other is located next to the Mini-Gym and is intended for our Grade 1-5 students.

Cafeteria & Shaded Outdoor Areas

The School Cafeteria is located across the back playing field and offers students the opportunity to purchase both hot and cold meal options provided by both Saudia Catering and DelMonte.

The cafeteria offers ample room with its 21 bench/table-style seating for students who prefer to eat indoors. For students who prefer to eat outdoors and enjoy some fresh air, there are five shaded areas, also with bench/table-style seating.

Visitor Parking & Security

The school campus is highly-secured and enclosed by high walls with barbed-wired fencing. There is a main security gate guarded by trained security staff and entry to the school is restricted to parents, staff, students and pre-screened visitors. Once inside the campus, there is a visitor parking lot right outside the front gate to the school.

Parking Lot Procedures Video:


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