PTSA Our contributions

The PTSA is a parent, teacher, and student run association. Proudly, through the past year the PTSA has been re-established with Nariman El Sawi as president, Fauzia Ashadali as secretary and Abed Raslan as co-president. Through their hard work the PTSA has been able to reach great lengths.

Starting from October, 2015 up till June, 2016, the PTSA has made some remarkable achievements. Some of which are: 

2015 - 2016

  • Open skies is is a therapeutic horseback riding facility at Al- Aseel stables in northern Jeddah. The purpose of this program is to provide children with disabilities row opportunity to engage in a safe and supervised form of hippo-therapy. Proudly, the PTSA sponsored open skies with a horse, paying 19,000 riyals in order for the horse to remain maintained for the year 2015 through 2017.
  • The athletic department is an enormous and vital part of the school. The sport teams travel to various countries to compete regionally and internationally. The PTSA sponsored the athletic department with 8,500 riyals in order for each athlete to have a custom bottle of water when competing. Also PTSA sponsored an appreciation dinner for the Atheltic and the Extra-Curricular activities Teams.
  • Once an AISJ falcon, always an AISJ falcon. Last year, a fellow falcon was in need of medical attention. Consequently, the PTSA raised funds to support the AISJ alumni. After hard work we were able to raise 3,500 riyals for the alumni. 
  • Build Africa is a student run organization the focuses on raising money to alleviate struggles with in the less fortunate. The PTSA donated 5,000 riyals to the group in order to help support the less fortunate sister school in Africa. 
  • Teachers are the backbone to every school.Therefore, the PTSA has an appreciation luncheon for all the teachers in the school and spent 9,200 riyals on our fellow teachers.
  • Reading is a crucial part of learning. Reading and writing is the key to success. Therefore, the PTSA donated 4,856 riyals in order to have a brilliant author, David Greenberg, come to the school and talk to the Elementary students and teachers about his career as an author.

2016 - 2017

  • The PTSA focuses on helping the school as a whole, and promoting learning and success. AISJ has a routinely MAP testing that takes place a few times a year to measure progress. The school was in need of volunteers to help with the testing. The PTSA was able to find 15 mothers who are willing to help facilitate the MAP testing.
  • Peace is a largely promoted concept at AISJ. Gladly, the PTSA was able to create fundraisers and help with the Peace Day in order to raise money for the Syrian refugees in Jordan. PTSA was able to raise almost SAR 18,000 with the help of 18 volunteering parents and students.
  • PTSA helps High School to find parents who are ready to substitute teachers. PTSA linked 8 mothers.
  • PTSA is developing an action plan to improve communication and following systematic operations in order to maximize support to school community. This plan has started to be implemented.

The PTSA is a very accessible part of the school that is willing to help in every occasion. We encourage everyone to take part in making OUR school a better place.