AISJ Donations | Applying Online

Every school has a wish list of items or a set of dreams that the annual school budget does not cover.  Through the kindness and generosity of donors and philanthropists, schools often are able to reach these dreams and improve the quality of education for the students attending. We are about to begin our journey of one of the finest educational facilities in the Middle East with state of the art classrooms, technology, libraries, gymnasiums, theaters, food court.  The design was created through a collaboration of research based learning for best facilities such as spacious natural lit facilities, staff input on room design and locations, and architectural expertise from Zuhair Fayez Partnership (ZFP) with extensive experience in designing educational facilities.

Online Donations


  • New School Furnishings with Donor Wall of Fame
  • Naming Rights for School Facilities for thirty years in campus locations such as Theater, Gymnasium, Science Classrooms, Elementary Library and Media Center, Secondary Library and Media Center,  Aquatics Center, Fitness Center, Rock Climbing Wall, Tennis Courts, Food Court, Early Learning Center, Learning Support Center, Industrial Arts and Tech Education, Music Center, Video Production Center, Literacy Center, Playground Center and AISJ Leadership Center.   Naming rights would be extended to complete furnishings or significant donations to each of the above listed centers.  
  • Scholarship funds to help students who are outstanding students in the AISJ system. 
  • 21st Century Technology Center - IPads and Ipad Carts, laptops, State of the Art Internet Bandwidth
  • Music Instruments
  • Athletic uniforms