Counseling Summer Programs for HS Students

Each year, the AISJ HS Counseling office receives a multitude of information about programs during the summer. Not only do these summer programs offer academic opportunities to take university level courses, but they also offer cultural experiences as well! Whether you are interested in law, medicine or even culinary arts-there are many programs to choose from.

AISJ does not offer summer school programs. The list below includes summer programs that have been in direct contact with the AISJ HS Counseling department.  Feel free to make an appointment with your counselor if you have any questions!

Allen’s Guide
: Provides a guide for various types of teen based summer camps (arts, academic, sports, self-improvement, etc.).
American University of Paris
: The largest English-language summer program in Europe, with over 45 classes to choose from, across 12 separate academic disciplines.  Classes are offered in two, three and six-week formats (from early June to end of July) and students are able to register either as auditors or for fully transferable University credits.
: Provides an easy to use database for summer school options.
: A directory with over 2 dozen summer programs.
GAP Medics
: Pre-Health Medicine internships abroad for High School and undergraduate students.
GW Pre-College: (George Washington University) offers high school students a transformative introduction to college life in the heart of the United States' political, intellectual and cultural activity. Top-tier GW faculty guide, inspire, and empower students through immersive programs that connect academic experience with real-world practice.
Hult Pre-University Experience
: learn about international business and develop the skills you need to make your mark on the world.
Kingdom Education
: Our programs are held on the campuses of leading universities. They take place in the United Kingdom from early July to early August, in the United States of America in July, in Canada (with the USA) in August, and between December and February in Australia and New Zealand.
Summer Discovery
: Pre-college enrichment institutes for high school students (and middle school too!)
St George’s, University of London’s International Summer School
: Insight into studying a medical-related discipline in the UK.
Summer Program Finder
: A user-friendly search tool for finding pre-college programs and summer opportunities for high school students.
Swiss Education Group
: The programs are 2-weeks long and offer a variety of classes, cultural excursions, workshops, and hospitality related visits
Oxbridge Academic Programs
: academic programs for 8-12th graders in the UK, France, Spain and the US.
: Provides advice on summer programs.
Washington & Jefferson Summer Global Academy
: An international summer program for students entering Grades 8-12 in the Fall of 2016. Our program is divided into several parts: academics, curated evening activities, events and off-campus field trips.
Washington & Jefferson English Language Institute
: The English Language Institute (ELI) at Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) is a bridge program for students who are preparing to study in the United States at the undergraduate or graduate level.
Yale Young Global Scholars
:YYGS is a 2-week summer program for high school sophomores and juniors that hosts international and American students in one of our residential colleges and immerses them in their choice of academic field (from environment and sciences to politics and international security).