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2017-18 Welcome Letter from Superintendent

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year to all students and families! We are excited about our future as we have added some new outstanding staff from the USA and Canada to some of the finest educators I have had the pleasure to work with.   These staff are important as we provide an authentic American education program designed to serve the students of our American school.   We have a 95% university acceptance rate and it is our mission to inspire and facilitate learners to nurture their passion for knowledge, so they may pursue their dreams and become successful global citizens. 

The future is very bright for our school as we have recently completed our accreditation for the next seven years through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   We also have completed the first of a five-year strategic plan that takes us toward our vision of excellence.  What is most exciting is our new campus that is under construction.  During the summer of 2018, we will be moving into our new campus, located about 4-5 KM north of our current site.  This new school is truly an amazing educational facility, purposely built for us to provide our authentic American education.  It will have the very best learning environment with extensive natural light throughout the building and more.  The new campus will host two large library/information centers and all indoor class access with courtyards that accommodate our block scheduling and student break times.  In the main entrance you will be faced with a 650 seat auditorium complete with an orchestra pit and a center stage elevator platform.  This is an auditorium that we will use extensively for music concerts, theatrical plays, large group meetings and guest lecturers.  Our athletics swimming pool, regulation size soccer field, four tennis courts, six-lane running track, two large gymnasiums, two spacious libraries, modern science labs, and one outstanding theater and music facilities. We will be offering a full line of athletic and extracurricular activities commonly found in the USA.   We also will host a robust Wi-Fi network for our one-to-one computing program. 

The handover date for our new campus is July 1st, 2018 but we hope to be moving things in June.   We are striving for excellence and with these new facilities, I feel we are approaching the finish line in becoming a distinguished learning community committed to excellence, innovation and collaboration.  Combine our new campus facilities with strong leadership and outstanding educational staff along with a new strategic plan that guides us to excellence and it is exciting and promising for our sixty five years old school.

I wish you the best year yet!  We ask that you please communicate with your teacher often as well as the administration when needed.  We ask this communication to be in a respectful and positive manner and we will return to you. We are partners with our parents with a common goal of a successful and enjoyable student experience. 

We look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our students this year and help prepare them to pursue their dreams. 

Monti Hallberg

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