Fine & Performing Arts at AISJ Theatre

Our theatre offerings provide a strong approach to the intellectual, historical and aesthetic dimensions of performance by integrating literary analysis, acting, design, costuming, make-up and other administrative aspects of production. We give students a chance to express themselves on stage and off, and show their full potential as an individual through the arts. 

Both by study and practice the students develop powers of intellect and imagination. They are taught to think precisely in the moment, to speak confidently in public, to write with clarity and intelligence and to work productively with others. The performance of drama, creates an immediate, physical relationship to major themes of life for performers and audience members alike. These life themes come to life on the stage, personified by human communication in an arena where psychology, politics, religion, gender, ocnflict and resolution all come into play. 

Drama has forever been powerful in cultures throughout the world. Our goal is to nurture the arts in Jeddah and develop a theater program of the highest quality.

Introductory and advanced drama classes are available to students in Grades 9-12 in addition to a Theater Production class, which focuses on the work that goes on behind the curtain and front of house.  

Outside of the school day there are several oportunities each year for students to audition for parts or volunteer to work on productions that are presented to the AISJ community.

School Calendar

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