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School Uniforms

There are many benefits to wearing school uniforms. They allow students to focus on learning rather than competition and help create a sense of belonging and pride.  It also helps parents in their decisions for purchasing school clothing and takes in consideration of our host culture.

All AISJ students are required to wear the school uniform everyday, with the exception of special days (ie. Pajama Day, Casual Day, Hero Day).

Daily School Uniform:


School Polo Shirt with logo (red for Elementary School students, blue for Middle School students, and white for High School students).

Polo shirts are 70 SAR each and are available for purchase from each school’s Principal’s Administrative Office.

(Optional): School sweatshirt with logo available for purchase for 90 SAR.


Elementary School: Black, navy blue or khaki dress slacksor shorts.

Middle School & High School: Black, navy blue or khaki dress slacks. Jeans and shorts are not permitted, nor are skin tight slacks.


All students are required to close-toed shoes that cover the heel.

Physical Education Uniform:

In addition to the school uniform, all students are required to dress appropriately for all Physical Education classes as follows:

Elementary School students can wear their red school uniform polo, however must purchase the School’s P.E. shorts, available for 50 SAR.

Middle School and High School students must wear both the School’s P.E. shirt (35 SAR) and shorts (50 SAR).

Athletic Uniforms:

Students participating on athletic teams will be assigned a team uniform for the season at no extra cost. If team uniforms are lost, students are required to pay for the uniform.