Fine & Performing Arts at AISJ Visual Art

The visual arts program at AISJ provides students at all grade levels the opportunity to use a variety of media and methods of expression while exploring their imagination and different communication styles, all within the context of the principles of design, and the framework provided by the AERO standards.

Art in Elementary

There are many benefits to exposing children to art at a young age. Art helps with the development of a child’s fine motor skills (the coordination of small muscle movements), learning how to follow instructions in a fun environment and expand their vocabulary through content-specific units of study (ie. lines, shapes, colors).

Elementary students are exposed to a wide range of different art mediums, such as coloring pencils, paints and clay. We work at engaging all students by reaching out to different learning styles through a hands-on approach to allow them to express their creativity in various ways.

Art in Middle School

When students transition into Middle School, they are able to choose two class electives from our Fine Arts program which include Band, Strings, Choir, Art or Theatre.

The AISJ Middle School Art program is designed to build a strong foundation and give students the skills and confidence they need guide them into being successful creative thinkers and makers in high school and beyond. Students learn to or about:

utilize different elements of art (line, shape, color, space, and texture). work with different art mediums, such as colored pencils, oil/chalk pastels, charcoals, color construction paper, scissors, glue, clay, cloth, paints, ink, bushes, beads, feathers, gems, mosaics, craft sticks, card board, etc. incorporate the principles of design (unity, balance, movement, rhythm, emphasis/focal point and scale/proportion). draw one and two point perspective. draw and shade objects, people and faces in a realistic manner. work with various artistic styles of the past and modern time analyze and critique artworks based on the knowledge of the art elements, principles of design and art history. different cultural aesthetics from around the world

Courses available to our Middle School students are:

Introduction to Art - Basic Art grade 6 Understanding Art - Basic Art 7 & 8 Honors Art - Drawing & Painting

Art in High School

The high school art program builds on the skills and knowledge that students have gained in the lower grades and provides a foundation for those students who wish to pursue art as an interest, future field of study, or possible career. Students are able to choose a path of progression depending on their preference. Course offerings include introductory and exploratory classes, as well as higher level classes at the Advanced Placement (AP) level.

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