PTSA Events & Meetings

Orientation Day - August 21st, 2016


PTSA starts early this year! With great enthusiasm and a lot high spirits, PTSA announces that we will there at the Orientation Day: 21st Aug to shed light on the role of PTSA in the school and the importance of its contribution to our community. 


Welcome Back BBQ - September 1st, 2016


We aim to meet as many parents as possible. We love to share our goals for 2016-2017.  Welcome back to a very fruitful year full of accomplishments and success!


PTSA Elections - September 25th, 2016 (7-8pm)


The voice of each member of AISJ is extremely valuable as it directly supports the community of our school. PTSA look for active members, Officers, Co-Officers & Volunteers who work together to achieve best outcomes and functions.  Elections will be held right after the Hajj Break & Eid, so please be there!


PTSA General Meetings


Why attend PTSA's General Meetings?


1) to have input on what happened, what's happening and what will happen

2) be acquainted with the accomplishments and how/why they are done

3) meet members of AISJ (Parents, Staff, Administrators, Students)

4) help through connections, ideas, specialty, experience, suggestions...etc


2016 - 2017 PTSA General Meetings Dates:


Monday, 3rd Oct.


Monday, 5th Dec 


Monday, 6th Feb


Monday, 24th April