Superintendent’s Message


Welcome to the American International School of Jeddah!

At the heart of AISJ is our steadfast commitment to our motto – Excellence in the pursuit of dreams.  We believe that children and adults should be bold dreamers that envision how they might impact the world through their creativity, innovation, communication, and exceptional character.  In addition, we encourage our community to dream together in order to systemically address how we might promote a diverse vision for the future.  We are often reminded of the statement by T.E. Lawrence, who spent so many years in this part of the world:

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did.

In this tradition, we seek to dream with open eyes, facing a changing future.

As we look to this shared future, we remember our successful past.  The American International School of Jeddah has provided an exceptional education experience to expatriate dependents and local students for nearly 70 years.  Founded in 1952, AISJ has a long standing tradition of emphasizing community as a pathway toward excellence. Since the early years, we have grown into a world class educational institution that relies on parent involvement, student voice, and a spirit of professionalism among our staff.

We welcome you to look around this site and reach out to us with any questions you might have.  In addition, we encourage you to talk to your friends that might have children at AISJ to inquire about their experience.  Above all our best ambassadors are our students, who demonstrate the qualities and daily academic success of AISJ.  Speak with them to learn about their dreams and the success that they have found at AISJ.

Dr. Robert Jackson


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