At AISJ, we believe athletics is integral to the school experience. We offer a variety of sports to enrich our scholars’ education, focusing on both sport-specific and life skills. We view scholar-athletes as school ambassadors, expecting them to uphold values like sportsmanship, scholarship, integrity, and commitment.

Celebrating a Legacy of Athletic Excellence and World-Class Facilities

We participate in RSAC, SAIKAC, and OASIS leagues, offering sports like volleyball, basketball, football, and more. Our specialized academies and commitment to local and international competitions reflect our dedication to athletic excellence

A Diverse Array of After school activities for Every Age Group

At AISJ, we value extracurricular activities as crucial for student development, offering opportunities for new interests, leadership, and connections. These activities instill values like responsibility, honesty, perseverance, and teamwork. Our diverse program enriches the educational experience, catering to different grade levels with activities ranging from dancing to Minecraft. We actively participate in local and international competitions, emphasizing excellence beyond academics.

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American International School of Jeddah PO Box 127328 Jeddah, KSA 21352


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