Week Without Walls

Left Quote Icon AisjThe world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page
.Personal motto of the late Stephen Bougor Right Quote Icon Aisj

The AISJ Week Without Walls program begins in the middle school. These destination learning experiences are academically-themed and tied to middle school curricular outcomes. Each year, the middle school is collectively invited to explore a foreign country in which students are immersed in the topics and reality of what they study. There is also a service learning element included so that students are given the opportunity to give back to local communities. On this educational trip, students are lead by an in-country certified tour guide as well as a 10:1 student-teacher ratio. The essence of the experience is captured and shared with the community using a variety of 21st-century tools.

The goals of the Week Without Walls Trip are to:

  • Provide a unique learning opportunity outside of the classroom.
  • Promote personal independence and responsibility away from parental supervision.
  • Develop a greater cultural sensitivity and awareness.
  • To foster a greater sense of community and develop friendships.


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