Learning Support

The American International School of Jeddah believes in inclusion. We aim to create an educational model that offers every scholar the opportunity to succeed. We accept scholars with learning differences and mild to moderate learning disabilities, as long as we are confident in our ability to meet their needs.

Scholars who have intensive learning differences and/or disabilities may be placed in specialized learning environments (Special Day Classes) with modified learning schedules and curricula in order to meet their needs, as determined by the AISJ Administration. The purpose of such placement is to ensure that the most appropriate resources can be focused on providing the best possible learning environment for the scholar. A personal learning coach may be required for continuing enrollment of the scholar, at parent expense, as determined by the AISJ Administration.

At AISJ we take a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our Learning Support scholars. Our classroom teachers work alongside our Learning Support teachers, teaching assistants, specialist teachers, speech and language pathologists, and counselors. These professionals, together with parents, ensure that we are providing high-quality education and our scholars have the support they need. Learning Support teachers are highly-qualified in their respective fields and strive to maintain an effective program that is informed by current best practice.

Scholars accepted into the Learning Support program will have their needs addressed and documented in an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which describes the students’ abilities, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and individualized goals, in detail. Small group instructional environments may be provided to ensure optimal learning for all scholars.

Our program provides a range of services. Instruction from Learning Support Services is differentiated and flexible to provide support inside the classroom and limited small-group or one-to-one instruction apart from the class. The goal is to help these scholars access the grade-level curriculum and successfully grow as learners by optimizing and facilitating opportunities for learning.

Parents of scholars with identified learning needs are invited to submit an application form and any relevant assessment reports or evaluations that clarify their child’s educational needs. Learning support plans (such as ILPs, 504s, Psych Ed. Assessments, discipline records, etc.) from the previous school must also be included. AISJ uses all available information to decide whether our current Learning Support program can accommodate the needs of the scholar.


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