English Language Learning

The English Language Learning (ELL) program at AISJ is designed to meet the needs of students who need additional help in listening, speaking, reading and/or writing English. This is often the case where English is a second or third language. This may be a required condition of enrollment.

Students need to be proficient in conversational English, as well as the academic language required to be successful in an American curriculum school. Some students may sound fluent when talking to their peers, but need additional time to master the academic language of the content areas.


There is an additional fee for ELL services per semester. The amount depends on whether a student is classified as needing mild/moderate or extensive services. Please visit Tuition and Fees for more information.


Three factors are taken into consideration when determining who is eligible for the ELL program.

  1. MAP Scores – Students who score below the 35 percentile on the Measures of Academic Progress Reading and/or Language Usage tests may be recommended for ELL screening
  2. Teacher recommendations – Teachers may recommend students for ELL testing based on observation and performance in class.
  3. WIDA Scores – There are six WIDA language proficiency levels, one being the lowest and six being native proficiency. Students who score below a 5 overall on the WIDA Test (World Class Instructional Design and Assessment) will be placed in the ELL program.


Students exit the ELL program when they reach level 5 in all four language domains (listening, speaking, reading, writing). ELL assistance is typically from 1-4 years, depending on the child’s effort and family practice, as well as the level of English when entering the program.


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