Technology Systems for Parents

At AISJ, technology is key to an efficient and dynamic educational environment. Cutting-edge systems like Powerschool have revolutionized how administrators, teachers, and parents interact with academic data. We’re committed to making these tools easily accessible and user-friendly for parents, reflecting our dedication to innovation and improving the school experience.

AISJ Parent Systems

PowerSchool at AISJ offers comprehensive features for parents, providing a multifaceted portal for engaging in their child’s academic journey.

  • Parents can effortlessly access crucial information such as report cards, attendance records, extra curricular activity sign up, academic progress, and forms, etc. in real-time through PowerSchool.

Seesaw is a dynamic platform enhancing the educational experience for elementary school scholars, teachers, and parents. Teachers utilize Seesaw to:

  • Upload engaging activities and assignments tailored to young learners
  • Facilitate seamless distribution of academic materials.
  • Serve as a communication hub, allowing teachers to update parents on students’ progress and provide insights into classroom activities.

ID123 is a digital ID app for parents, drivers, and nannies at AISJ allowing them access to our school’s campus and easily pick up their children.

Odoo is an intuitive platform offering easy access to billing details, payment history, and upcoming dues for parents.

Odoo allows parents to conveniently manage tuition payments online, receive timely notifications, and purchase any e-commerce products offered by the school.

Parents of PK2 students utilize Brightwheel for teacher announcements and classroom photos. This intuitive platform ensures parents receive timely updates from teachers and offers a visual snapshot of their child’s daily activities and learning experiences. 

How to Access Parents Systems


  1. New & Returning Parents (Login Information): 
  2. Search for email sent to parents email titled “AISJ Tech: PowerSchool Parent Portal”
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to reset and access your PowerSchool.  PowerSchool Passwords Reset Guide
  4. Save your PowerSchool Parent credentials for later.


Report Cards:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Your Email as a Parent (Email we have for you on file)
  3. Enter Your PowerSchool parent password and Sign In
  4. Navigate to Child for which you want to view the Report Card and Access Student Reports. 

PowerSchool Parent Guide for Report Cards


After School Activities (CCA):

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Your Email as a Parent (Email we have for you on file)
  3. Enter Your PowerSchool parent password
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Navigate to CCA in the portal and follow the steps in the Register Child for CoCurricular Activity Guide


Note: ONLY Parents can register their child for Cocurricular Activities. 

Parents must use Parent PowerSchool Portal Not The Application.


    1. Parents are required to download the SeeSaw app from the Appstore/Playstore
    2. Once downloaded Click on the “I am a family member” button in the app and Scan the QR Code. 
    3. The QR Code will be provided by the Homeroom Teacher to the Parents. 
    4. Once the Code has been scanned, the scholar’s information will show up in the application.

Digital ID for New Parents:

  1. For any parents, once the scholar is enrolled, parents will receive an invitation email from Digital ID Cards. The ID123 application should be downloaded in the phone from the Appstore/playstore
  2. Open the email invitation and click on Install my card. This will navigate to the application. 
  3. Enter your details (email address, phone number on the file records)
  4. Upload a new photo of yourself
  5. Once that is completed, the ID card will be active and the photo will start appearing once it has been approved by our moderator


Digital ID for returning parents: 

  1. Returning parents should already have their digital ID showing up in the application 
  2. If the ID is not visible, email on [email protected] for the invite to be resent on your registered email. 
  3. Follow the steps in the invitation email to install the card back into the application 


Digital ID for Driver, Nannies and Other relatives/friends: 


    1. Parents need to scan the QR code and fill the Google form with the details of the pickup person (Driver, Nanny, Someonelse). 
    2. Once the information has been entered, it takes 2 business days for the system to process the information and send the invitation email. 
    3. The pickup person should open the email invitation and click on Install My card for the digital ID card to show up in the ID123 application.

Odoo for New Parents:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign-in
  3. Click on Reset Password
  4. Enter your email address that you provided to the admissions, and click Reset Password
  5. Check your inbox or you Spam Folder for Password Reset email
  6. Click on Change password
  7. Enter your Password in both fields
  8. Make sure it is more than 8 characters and contains letters and numbers
  9. Click on Invoices & Bills to access them. 

You can also follow the step by step guide on creating an account on odoo here.

Odoo for Existing Parent Accounts: 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email and password that you created
  3. Click on Sign-In
  4. Click on Invoices & Bills to access them. 

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