1. Experienced and Dedicated Teachers – AISJ’s faculty are highly experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about teaching and learning. They are committed to providing a well-rounded education for our scholars.
  2. Learning is Front and Center – At AISJ, we place learning at the center of our interactions with scholars. We encourage our scholars to set learning goals for themselves, persist through challenges, and be curious. Our scholars learn through active involvement in their education, and they are encouraged to seek opportunities that help shape their unique identities.
  3. High Academic Standards – Our scholars consistently score above average on international assessments such as the SAT, ACT, AP, and IB.
  4. Academic Excellence – At AISJ, we strive to create a culture of academic excellence, and we encourage all of our scholars to excel in their studies.
  5. We Educate the Whole Child. AISJ provides a well-rounded education that helps our scholars develop into well-rounded individuals. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including athletics, arts, and community service. We also place a strong emphasis on character development, and our scholars learn to become responsible global citizens.
  6. We Support Individuality through small class sizes and a curriculum designed to accommodate different learning styles. By focusing on the individual scholar, we can closely monitor academic, social, and creative development and recognize growth opportunities. In addition, we have found that learning in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment increases scholar confidence and their ability to participate in modern society.
  7. Legacy of Excellence – AISJ has provided quality education to the international and local scholar community for 70 years.
  8. Year Round Admissions – We at AISJ understand that our scholars and their families come from all over the world. Unlike many other schools in the area, our admissions process is not limited to a specific time of year.
  9. Rigorous Recruiting Process -We have a rigorous recruiting process to ensure that AISJ has the best teachers. We understand how critical having qualified staff is to your child’s education, and teachers are highly valued and respected at this school. They are all committed to instilling a genuine enthusiasm for learning in each scholar and have been trained to promote independent thinking throughout the school.
  10. More Options More Opportunities – AISJ provides a wide range of courses and programs to meet the needs and interests of our scholars. We understand that each scholar is unique, and we offer a curriculum that is flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual. Our scholars can choose from a variety of courses, including arts.
  11. College level courses – High school scholars can choose from various options, including American curriculum, AP, and IB diploma programs.
  12. We are a Community – AISJ is a lot more than a school. It’s a community. Every child is cared for and nourished in a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment.
  13. Families are an Integral Part of AISJ, and we offer a wide range of services and activities that cater to the needs of the whole family.
  14. AISJ is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. AISJ is also a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA).
  15. University Acceptances -AISJ scholars have been accepted to universities all over the world, including Ivy League schools.
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