Elementary School Core Subjects

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AISJ’s elementary language arts curriculum is modeled around a balanced literacy approach and utilizes the workshop model along with the AERO Common Core Plus Standards to teach reading and writing. Based on the work of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, the daily workshops aim to empower students with models, materials, and processes that create avid and skilled readers and writers. Grammar and mechanics are taught in context within the workshop, and spelling, handwriting, and word study lessons are targeted to meet individual student needs, using a variety of methods and instructional resources.


Our mathematics program is focused on building a strong conceptual base for future learning. We use a balanced approach encouraging students to explain, explore and extend their mathematical thinking. Students use multiple strategies and models to explain their thinking. We believe that math understanding progresses from concrete to representational to abstract and that strong number sense is essential to math learning. It is our goal that students see how math applies to their daily lives and have the ability to use math to solve both practical and abstract problems that they encounter.

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The students will receive a broad overview of many different types of science in order to better understand the world around them. They will begin by reviewing the scientific method and the steps to designing a good experiment. These units are explored using hands-on, inquiry-based activities that are designed to further the child’s understanding of the content and foster natural curiosity

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum provides opportunities for students to explore multiple approaches that may be used to analyze and interpret their own world and the world of others. Social studies presents unique and particular ways for students to view the interrelationships among Earth, its people, and its systems. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed through the social studies curriculum empower students to be informed, responsible citizens of the world.

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