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Welcome to the AISJ High School!

Accountability * Progress * Zeal * Teamwork * Respect * Growth * Compassion

The AISJ high school is "a community of passionate learners, developing a culture of discovery and excellence to impact our world for the better."  This is very simply who we are and what we do.  While the bulk of our teachers come from North America, we hail from all around the world and provide students with a safe and diverse learning environment.  Within the classroom, students are presented with opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways from project-based learning to traditional paper and pencil exams.  We also recognize the importance of technology and the reality that computers, hand-held devices and the internet are all valuable resources and should be embraced as we move ever more quickly from today into the future.  Each teacher and class of students creates a blended environment of in-class and online instruction.  We are a one-to-one school and every student has the necessary hardware and electronic resources at their fingertips all the time, enabling them to seamlessly integrate the use of technology into their learning experience.

We pride ourselves on focusing not only academics, but on the whole child, and we place great emphasis and importance on the other aspects of student life in the high school.  Our athletics and activities program is strong and growing.  We participate in two intra-Kingdom conferences, the Western Regional Conference and the Saudi Arabia Intra-Kingdom Activities Conference.  We are also active members in the Oasis Activities Conference, an international conference with eight schools in seven different countries around the Middle East.  Each of these conferences offer travel opportunities for our sports teams as well as our non-athletic activities such as Academic Games, Choir and Band.  For many years we have also been affiliated with THIMUN and each year we send several delegations of Model United Nations students to conferences around the world.  Our Art program is another area where students are able to express their creativity as they explore different media in 2-D and 3-D design.

Week Without Walls is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to explore the world beyond the walls of AISJ.  Each year we have increased the number of offerings for students with experiences in Europe and Asia as well as right here at home in Saudi Arabia. This is a vibrant and dynamic program that brings service and adventure to life, and is a part of our year that is looked forward to by everyone in our school community.

We believe in a strong school-home relationship built on a foundation of partnership and effective two-way communication with parents. Our doors, phone lines and inboxes are always open and we welcome the next opportunity to connect and strengthen this bond.

In Partnership,

Mark Sullivan

High School Principal


Mark Sullivan

HS Principal


Nawell Mossalli

HS Asst. Principal

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