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High School Counseling Department

The high school counselors at AISJ are certified professionals who are qualified to address the developmental needs of all high school students. Our counselors address a myriad of concerns including academics, personal and social development, as well as the higher education planning for all AISJ students.

The pages and links on this website are designed to give students and parents the information needed to have a successful high school experience and to make plans beyond high school. In addition to the information found here, students and their parents have access to their personalized Family Connection account. The pages found within the counseling site are intended to enhance the offered resources. If you have a question, concern, or need some information, please let us know.

The AISJ Counselors

The AISJ counselors are Samantha Huner and Kerry Mahoney.  Both counselors work with students in all grades, freshmen (Grade 9) through senior years (Grade 12).  Mr. Mahoney's case load is divided into the students with the last names from A to Har. Mrs. Huner's case load is divided into the students with the last names from Has to Z.

Counseling staff assist students in their adjustment to high school, monitor student’s academic progress, and help them to have a successful early high school experience. The greater the success students have at the start of high school, the more options they will have when it is later time to select and apply to university. Counselors also assist in the college admission process beginning when students are in grade nine and continue with their students through to graduation. In addition to their role as personal counselors, due to their expertise in college admission, they assist their students with many aspects of choosing and applying to colleges and universities.

Administrative Assistant

Assisting the department is Dima El Ghalayini. Mrs. El Ghalayini is the primary person who coordinates the submission of college application materials, organizes university visits, coordinates parent-counselor meetings, and assists the registrar with facilitating documents for arriving and withdrawing students.

The direct number phone number to use to contact any high school counselor is 966 012662005 x304.

HS Counseling Services

The services provided by the HS Counseling department cover many facets. Together, the counselors work to:

Provide individual student academic program planning Counsel students with disciplinary concerns Ensure student records are maintained and released as per school and local Ministry of Education (MOE) regulations Advocate for students at individual education planning meetings Follow-up with students who require academic remediation Interpret, analyze and coordinating cognitive, aptitude and achievement tests (Map Scores, PSAT, SAT, AP) Train and encourage students to use theNaviance for college planning Organize college visits and events Plan and host Career Day.


Kerry Mahoney

HS Counselor


Samantha Huner

HS Counselor


Dima El Ghalayini

HS Counselor Asst.