Student Services Learning Support

AISJ is proud to be an inclusionary school that welcomes students with many different needs.

We maintain a Learning Support (LS) department is primarily funded by additional learning support fees for each child.  The LS Department consists of two levels (Elementary and Secondary) of the school with two departmental directors, special needs teachers, and assistants.  The fees are tiered according to level of intensity of learning needs.

Every student receiving Learning Support has an Individualized Learning Plan (ILPs), and is provided curriculum accommodations and/or modifications if deemed necessary by a Student Support Team (SST) made up of administrators, LS faculty, and teachers.  Learning Support Assistance may be a required condition of enrollment.

We are equipped to provide Learning Support services for students with mild to moderate levels of learning disabilities, students with cognitive disabilities, and students with impairments in the areas of speech, language, hearing, sight, and orthopedics.

At present, we are unable to serve students with severe emotional or behavioral disorders, as well as students with severe learning disabilities and physical impairments.