March Book Exhibit in the Ali Sedky Memorial Library

The Ali Sedky Memorial Library hosted a "book exhibit" in March displaying and promoting the incredibly unique reference collection the school has acquired over the past 40 years. The collection specificity focuses on Saudi Arabia, additional Arab/Middle East and Art; full color glossy photos (think coffee table book stylings) of Jeddah in the 1970's (including specific mentions of AISJ under its previous name, Parents Cooperative School), gorgeous depictions of classic Bedouin scenes (both paintings and photos), images of classic Arab fashion, the Hajj and Mecca (the book "Pilgrimage to Mecca" is the collection's crown jewel), architecture and art, Saudi wildlife, and much, much more. 
 While this exhibit was only temporary, the books remain in the collection and the library invites everyone to come and take a look at this incredibly unique, (almost) priceless collection anytime! 

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