International Day 2018

On Saturday, February 24, the AISJ community enjoyed an afternoon of food, dance, and activity from around the world. International Day is an ongoing tradition at AISJ and it's an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of our school.

Our third grade class started off the program with a selection of songs that celebrated our differences, but reminded us that we are all "One Nation". Other performances included the Mongolian chopstick dance by our KG and first grade students, a traditional Tari Enggang from Indonesia, a Lebanese Dabke, an Egyptian Oud Performance, and songs sung in English, Spanish and French.

Staff, students, and parents were encouraged to attend the event in traditional dress from their country of origin. Country booths were set up around the perimeter of the soccer field and offered families a glimpse into the culture of their country. Students were given a 'passport', which was stamped at each country booth they visisted.

Visitors of the Lebanese booth played Jeopardy with questions about Lebanon. The US Marines were guests at the American booth and the students had a great time asking questions and taking pictures with them. Visitors of the Indonesian booth had a chance to apply wax, colors and patterns to a piece of cloth to make batik. There were also bouncy-castles, stations for face painting and Henna, and inflatable gladiator jousting and sumo wrestling.

Rasha Sharif, the main organizer of this event, loves how International Day can transport you to different countries. "It's more than just seeing the countries. When you visit country booths, you feel like you are actually there."

Thank you to all parents, students, and staff that participated in the 2018 International Day! We look forward to celebrating International Day with you next year at our new campus!


Pictures taken by Mehdi Amani

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