PTSA Welcome

Meet our 2017-2018 PTSA Officers

Iman Diab - President
Leon Lee - Vice-President
Noha El Khashab - Secretary
Malakeh Ghaddar - Treasurer

Student Officer Positions

Ahmed Lashuel - Co-Secretary
Faiez Al-Luqman - Co-Treasurer

Who We Are

The AISJ Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a community of parents, teachers, and students who actively meet on a monthly basis to discuss important issues, build a sense of unity, develop team building activities, learn about exciting things happening or being offered in jeddah, gather support, and organize events to help raise funds for various school programs and local charities. 

As a non-profit association, the PTSA works under the umbrella of AISJ in order to achieve vaulable accomplishments that contribute to the environment of the school. PTSA does that in many ways, such as:

  • Supporting purposeful extracurricular activities

  • Helping school administration find volunteers for different activities

  • Organizing social evenst to support local and international charities

  • Sponsoring activities/events that enrich students' experience

  • Providing support and help to school in different occasions

  • Creating leadership opportunities for parents, teachers and students of AISJ

  • Link the school community together and opens more channels of communication 


All parents, teachers, or students are automatically considered members of the AISJ PTSA.  Everyone is eligible to run for any of the officer positions of the PTSA and is determined in the beginning of the school year.

General meetings are held monthly thereafter, and it is highly encouraged that all Parents, Teachers and Students, that strive to make their school community cohesive attend, so that together we can ensure that our children are enriched with a positive environment promoting self confidence.


Governed by the Board Policy (PTSA By-Laws and Articles of Association) and led by the PTSA Officers and Leadership Committee.