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What is a Digital ID Card and Why do we need it?

AISJ asks parents to install and present a digital ID card when accessing AISJ campus. This ensures the safety and security of our community.

How can I get the Digital ID Card?

As students are enrolled, parents will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions on downloading and accessing the digital ID card through the app ID123 available on Apple iOS store and Android Google Playstore.

Do I need this digital ID for other student attendants like drivers and nannies?

Yes, you will need to request a digital ID for every driver and nanny that would enter the campus to pick up or drop off your child(ren). To submit a request, fill out this form. The IT department will reach out to the emails for nanny and drivers with instructions on installing and accessing their digital ID Card.

  • What is PowerSchool and Why do we need it? PowerSchool is the student information system that the American International School of Jeddah uses to manage information such as grades, attendance, demographics, courses, etc. Since PowerSchool is web-based, some of this information can easily, but safely be shared with parents and students. With PowerSchool, you can check your child’s attendance reports, receive teacher communication, access grades, sign up for your child’s after-school activities, and more. 
  • Is there a cost associated with the PowerSchool Parent Portal? No. The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a free service to AISJ parents. 
  • How can I log in and/or reset my username and password for PowerSchool? Follow the instructions in PowerSchool Parent Login Guide here
  • How does my child log in to PowerSchool Portal? Students and parents use the same web portal to log in: https://aisj.powerschool.com/public/ . Students click on “Student Sign In” and enter through Sign in with Google using their AISJ Google Email account. 
  • How to Set Up Email Notifications? Watch this video to enable email notifications from your parent PowerSchool portal. 
  • Can other people see my child’s grades? No. As long as you protect your username and password, others will not be able to see your child’s information. 
  • I am not getting e-mails from PowerSchool Parent Portal. How come? There could be multiple reasons for this: 
      1. Did you sign-up for E-mail Notifications on the E-mail Notifications page? Please double check the e-mail address you entered because if one character (letter/number/space) is off, you won’t receive e-mails.
      2. Did you check your email’s BULK or SPAM folder?  Check to see if the messages are going there and choose to mark them as NOT SPAM.  You will have to consult your email’s help menu or manual to learn how to do this as it is different for every email program.
  • Do all teachers post grade and attendance information to the PowerSchool Parent Portal server? Yes. Grades will be posted by the teacher. Remember, the teacher’s grade book is a “snapshot in time” and not necessarily an accurate reflection of the student’s overall progress or performance. Similarly, the student’s grade average may change depending on the weight or value of graded work. Teachers need time to grade projects, assignments and tests.  Please be patient because there are many factors that determine how soon a teacher can assess and return assignments.