Talented & Gifted

At AISJ, we recognize our obligation to address the diverse needs and potentials of all scholars, including those with specific talents and high abilities.

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At the American International School of Jeddah, we don’t just educate; we transform. Every scholar at AISJ is on a specific learning journey that meets their specific needs. Our Talented and Gifted Program is designed to further the engagement and complexity of learning using a variety of modalities to enrich their specific learning journey. 

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Program Highlights

  • Scholar Identification: Multiple data points. A comprehensive look at the holistic profile of the scholar.  
  • Project-Based Learning 
  • World Wide academic competitions 
  • Logical Puzzle 
  • Enrichment activities during and after school 
  • Extension activities in class

Why the Talented and Gifted Program?

  • We have a responsibility at AISJ to meet the needs of ALL learners. 
  • If highly gifted or talented scholars are left with no adjustments to pace or depth, we risk a lack of engagement, lost potential, and effects on long-term success. 
  • This enrichment program will include project-based learning, real-world application, and extension of knowledge.
  • For some grade levels, learners will be engaged in worldwide academic competitions.

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Crafting Future Pioneers

At AISJ, we do more than prepare scholars for tests; we prepare them for a future without limits. Join us on this journey. Note, you must be a scholar at AISJ to be able to join the talented and gifted program. 

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